Friday, May 18, 2007

Half - Baked Design. Why Do Developers Do It?

I've been recently dealing with a lot of failures in the middleware application I build my products for. I've come to a realization.

Why do designers not think about how their functionality will be used by the end-user?

It seems as though they get a piece of functionality in their mind and they put on their blinders. They don't think about how it can be used outside of the originally intended purpose.

Here's a list of areas that have not been fully thought about:
- Embedded Views
- Embedded Date Picker
- Hide-When formulas
- Profile documents
- Subforms
- Background Process Agents
- Rich Text Fields
- Framesets
- Shared Actions
- Image Resources
- File Resources
- Style Sheets (using them in Notes client that is)
- Aliases on Design Elements 9there are at least three different ways that they are stored)

Wow. It would have been easier to list the things that work properly rather than what doesn't. Hmmmm....

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