Friday, October 26, 2007

Have You Ever Been Instantly Impressed?

There have been very few moments when I have been instantly impressed with something (outside of the regular things like the first time I kissed my wife, the birth of my children, driving my first car, etc., etc.).

I don't want to put this next experience I am about to talk about in the same league as the above, but it was definitely impressive.

What I speak of is a musician named Yoav.  He was the opening act for Tori Amos earlier this week.  I only have one word: WOW.

Yoav plays all of his songs solo using an acoustic guitar.  "OK.  So what?" is what you are most likely thinking.  But it is much more than a guy just playing a guitar.  Much, much more.

He also uses a bank of loop pedals and echo pedals.  It is just amazing.  There are apparently many people who have done this before, but not to the magnitude or complexity that Yoav has done.  He uses 6+ pedal and layers the music while on stage. Also his lyrics are stunning and mesmerizing.

I would HIGHLY recommend his music to everyone.  I've embedded a video below of Yoav in the studio recording one of his songs, Beautiful Lie

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