Friday, October 19, 2007

I've Finally Bowed To The All Mighty Apple

Yes, I said I never would, but I actually purchased an item from Apple.  I just gave my thirteen year old daughter an iPod Nano Video.

Ugh.  What a pain in the ass.  Instructions are minimal, reliance on iTunes is unbelievable, and to set up an Apple account for her a credit card had to be supplied!! WTF!!  That's definitely ONE way to suck the money out of my wallet!

The one positive point I will make is that the interface on the device is quite well designed.  Within 5 minutes I was able to easily navigate around and find everything I needed (well, mostly).

She also received an iTunes gift card so she can purchase some music from the iTunes store.  Yet another pain in the ass.  It has taken me 30 minutes just to redeem the card.  The instructions on the card are completely incorrect.  There is no way a non-technical person would ever be able to redeem the card.  Here's an idea, have a big button on the main page that says "Redeem Gift Cards Here". Duh

Yet another interface that is too confusing to understand.

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